Integrating Libyan Women into the Democratic Process

November 28, 2012

Female-Nurses In the wake of the overthrow of the Ghadafi regime, Libyans are making their transition to a more participatory form of government. Fully integrating women into the new democratic process is essential to sure that democracy is inclusive and sustainable. Funded through a grant from the U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI)/Community Driven Grants Program (CDGP), the Institute Supporting Women’s Participation in the Decision Making Process is playing a critical role in supporting women’s involvement in the political process through its awareness raising activities.

At the request of numerous women of the community, the local council of the Sabri District in Benghazi invited the Institute to conduct an Election and Constitution Awareness Raising town hall campaign. Twenty women participated in the campaign. The event featured a comprehensive explanation of the upcoming election process and a broad overview of the elected National Congress, the legislative body responsible for appointing the committee to draft Libya’s constitution and for setting in place a transitional government until a constitutional referendum occurs.

The women in attendance actively voiced their expectations for transparency and good governance among elected officials.

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