Meet our community facilitators in Guatemala

by Janey Fugate 

Our commitment is to reach out to the community and sit down with the people, with the authorities, with women, and learn how to unite all these thoughts in the search for their own development and in the resolution of conflict. Marlitt Aguilón
We break a barrier by speaking the native language... we understand the context and the suffering. Estuardo Aguilón

We want to achieve the objectives stipulated in the project, so that the conflicts we've encountered reach solutions. Not just on paper or in words, but we want to put these solutions into practice for positive results. Olga Cutz

We don't work with women because it's in style. No, because it's urgent, it's a necessity. There are women living under oppression. María León

Huehuetenango was an area badly hit by the conflict. The conflict has already passed, the peace agreements were formed... but the reality of the population has not changed. They remain in the same poverty, continue to suffer from the same mistreatment, underdevelopment and the same marginalization. The worst thing is that they left them a legacy of violence. But we believe we have the opportunity in our hands to change this mentality of violence. Carlos Pinto

"For me this is important first because I am a young indigenous woman who has had opportunities to work and study, and this has motivated me to bring the same for other women and for other young people... when they see another person of the same age they start to get involved and it becomes motivation for them." Mariela Tax