Successful Saudi Arabian Women:

Their Gems Of Wisdom

September 29, 2015


In this one–of-a-kind series of intimate first-person stories about successful Saudi Arabian professional women, readers can peek behind the veil to view a snapshot of what it took for them to get to where they are.

This is unprecedented. Internet searches about these women yield information about the awards they have won but not about how they feel about their successes or what it took to achieve them.

Through their stories the women paint portraits in soft hues that delicately shine a light on Saudi society and their role in it. The women featured are doctors, lawyers, inventors, advocates, wives, and mothers—and more, who in their respective capacities have made major contributors to their professions and to society.

Their professional accomplishments and proficiency in multitasking suggest that the potential of women is far greater than has been realized. However, this is contrasted with the reality of the boundaries imposed on them as first generation professional women in a traditional society. For now, such women are on a proving ground; they must demonstrate that they can accomplish great things professionally while also holding fast to the values and expectations of societies, and while performing the traditional duties of a Muslim woman.

The proof that their experience and performance is providing is gradually and steadily laying the foundation for expanded possibilities for women in the future.

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Successful Saudi Arabian Women: Their Gems of Wisdom
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IMG_2728 Education is one of the key foundations for greatness. History shows that those who are educated dream bigger dreams and increase their chances of making their dreams come true with the tools and knowledge they acquire through education.

History is also a witness to the many contributions that educated women have made to the greatness of their societies and to the happiness and well-being of their immediate families and broader communities.

In the complex world in which we are living in the 21st century, no one knows the answers about what’s going to happen tomorrow or how to create the change and progress that we desire as human beings, but we do know one thing for sure: Knowledge is power; the more we know the better off we will be in navigating the future.

We also know that among the prosperous nations in the world, Saudi Arabia has demonstrated its embrace of education in the most profound and meaningful way. It has made enormous investments in educating her people and many Saudi women have been among the beneficiaries of this vison, commitment, and investment. The stories of the women in this book prove that the investment in education is paying off. These women are not just educated for education’s sake; they are using their education in ways that are lifting the society up higher and higher.

The importance of education and its transformative potential is not news to Creative. For the past 40 years Creative has been at the forefront of training education professionals and helping nations develop education curricula. At the same time, we have helped ensure that women around the world take advantage of the opportunity to become educated and to leverage their education for the good of the societies in which they live.

We are very pleased to have had this opportunity to come to know some of Saudi Arabia’s leading professional women and to share information about their accomplishments with our readers. There has been too much distance between these women and many of their sisters around the world and we hope that this book brings all of us closer together. After all, we are all human and want the same things for our children, families, and countries. We want to be happy and fulfilled and we believe that women who are educated have a chance to apply their education in ways that make everybody better off, including themselves.

I hope that you enjoy learning more about the powerful impact education has had in these successful women’s lives.



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