USAID Doing the Right Thing, Fifty Years and Counting

USAID_50thAnn_Blue-300x80 Creative Associates International congratulates USAID for 50 years of hard work on behalf of the American people in battling hunger, poverty, desperation and conflict in the developing world, giving literally millions hope for a better future.

It is hard to imagine the state of the world today without the tireless leadership and commitment of the U.S. Agency for International Development to address the needs of millions in countless ways from rebuilding communities to providing education and health services and fostering a revolution in farming that helps to feed many.

For over 35 years—the better part of USAID’s half century of existence—Creative has been intricately involved in the implementation of the Agency’s investments that have quantitatively and qualitatively lifted up the world’s most marginalized and underserved populations. Among the projects implemented by Creative as USAID’s partner in building a more just world are the post-apartheid era reconciliation in South Africa, promotion of literacy among former Liberian combatants, and outreach to girls and women in Afghanistan to propel them toward self-sufficiency.

Creative salutes the courage and professional dedication of the many thousands of Americans who have selflessly and very ably served our country in the ranks of USAID—often in places others would dare not go. Without doubt, much remains to be done to improve the circumstances of those still struggling to establish democracy and achieve economic well-being through economic opportunity. Still, it is worth celebrating America’s tremendous breakthroughs and accomplishments over half century toward that objective led by USAID. Over the years, USAID’s work has contributed to the decline of poverty in many countries, helping some of the poorest countries to make great strides in education reform, reduce child mortality and curb the spread of HIV.

In many ways, USAID and its partners have acted in accordance with the American belief that with effort, commitment and leadership almost anything can be accomplished. Moreover, USAID’s work exemplifies the biblical teaching which states that, “to those whom much is given, much is required,” and shows American generosity and the American people’s commitment to fairness and opportunities for all. USAID’s accomplishments represent what is best in the American spirit with its hope and optimism that is so much admired the world over. Creative is honored to be a part of USAID’s important work and effort make a genuine difference in the lives of so many and looks forward to a continued partnership with USAID for the long-term.


Young USAID beneficiaries give the Agency a thumbs-up.

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