Lidia Cálix Santos – Volunteer (Honduras)

By Lidia Cálix Santos

December 5, 2012   |   0 comments

Lidia and other volunteers at an activity in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Why do you volunteer? I volunteer because I feel obliged to support my country’s development and I believe Honduras deserves citizens who are compelled to work for better lives today and in the future. Volunteering has turned into a lifestyle for me. I volunteer at the Youth Movement Against Violence  in Honduras, in Tegucigalpa’s chapter, I also collaborate with other organizations when time permits.

What have you learned from volunteering?  I have learned so much.  Not only has volunteering helped me to expand my knowledge in many topics but also I have learned that by offering a bit of my time I can make a difference in my country. I have learned how to value the work that other volunteers do and admire the different institutions and organizations because of their commitment to progress that my country deserves.

How does volunteering help your community?  I think that by volunteering my time, I am contributing to the development of my country. Specifically by focusing on violence prevention, we are contributing so that all persons realize about the importance of this topic.  We are helping at-risk youth to not engage in violence and make government authorities establish prevention policies to make better communities in the whole country.

How does your volunteering impact the Outreach Centers or Youth Movements?  By volunteering at the Youth Movement Against Violence I have demonstrated my commitment to the Movement.  I feel totally identified with the cause.  As an ambassador of violence prevention, I have always been ready to collaborate and provide ideas for the different activities, and the commitment has crossed beyond volunteerism. The movement has turned into a passion for me, and I live and convey it in all aspects of my life.

Lidia Cálix Santos is a volunteer for the Youth Movement Against Violence in Honduras.