2023 in Photos

By Ashley Williams

As 2023 draws to a close, we are celebrating the resilience and transformation we saw in communities around the world. From spreading peace to promoting education to growing industry and infrastructure, we are inspired by the persistent drive and hope we witness across the globe.

Explore Creative’s year in photos below.

Spreading media literacy and information resilience

USAID Reacting to Early Warning and Response Data II

A community in Kita, Mali uses theater and dance to support social cohesion and prevent electoral violence. REWARD II provides grants to local NGOs and facilitates events like this to promote media literacy and information resilience. These efforts help prepare Malian citizens to make informed decisions regarding their role in the political transition and to verify sources of information.

This image was a finalist in the 2023 USAID Democracy, Human Rights and Governance photo contest.

Photo by Jim Huylebroek

Uplifting midwives to fight gender-based violence


USAID Peacebuilding Project (Tejiendo Paz)

Leaders from the National Movement of Midwives Nim Alaxik in Guatemala hold their staffs, which represent integrity, authority and responsibility. The Peacebuilding Project works to leverage midwives’ position as ancestral authorities and strengthen their ability to prevent, identify and report cases of gender-based violence and intrafamilial violence.

Photo by Karen Maldonado Chang

Supporting education as a life-sustaining activity

USAID READ II Education Recovery Activity

A teacher works with IDP students in Sekota, Ethiopia. The READ II program pivoted from a focus on literacy to meet the needs of students displaced by the conflict in northern Ethiopia. The program provides supplies, trains educators on psychological first aid, supports clubs to prevent gender-based violence, and more.

Photo by Jim Huylebroek

Growing connection and resiliency 

USAID/OTI Central America Regional Initiative: Guatemala

Two local youth leaders greet each other in Guatemala. CARI works to increase community resilience and test new approaches to strengthen systems, social networks, behaviors and perceptions that foster a sense of rootedness and hope for the future in communities with high out-migration rates.

This image won second place in USAID’s 2023 photo contest.

Photo by Carlos García

Strengthening local services

USAID Facilitating Urban Recovery and Transition III

Firefighters extinguish a car fire in Raqqa, Syria. FURAT III is strengthening local governance by working with officials to identify the basic services most needed. The firefighters support building the relationship between the local council and the community by demonstrating their competence and readiness to protect the community. 

Photo by FURAT III

Growing strong readers



Creative President & CEO Leland Kruvant presents the governor of Sokoto, Nigeria with a new textbook supported by LEARN. This year, the Nigerian Ministry of Education celebrated the launch of a National Reading Framework to improve early grade reading outcomes. This milestone is the culmination of years of collaboration between the Ministry and USAID.

Photo by Randy Haniel

Generating private sector investment


USAID West Africa Trade and Investment Hub

Packing refined shea butter at the Bio Amandes production facility in Côte d’Ivoire. The Trade Hub partners with U.S. and West African private sector firms to generate new private sector investment in key sectors to create jobs and increase trade between the United States and West Africa.

Photo by Jim Huylebroek

Promoting belonging and strong communities

USAID Sembrando Esperanza

Honduran youth in Santa Cruz de Yojoa perform a traditional folkloric dance during an International Youth Day celebration. Sembrando Esperanza works to promote both cultural heritage and a sense of belonging to reduce violence and irregular migration.

This image was a finalist in the 2023 USAID Democracy, Human Rights and Governance photo contest.

Photo by Luis Villatoro

Creating an opportunity for education


USAID Bar ama Baro

A 17-year-old attending school for the first time studies with a classmate in Mogadishu, Somalia. Conflict and natural disasters have contributed to many Somali children missing out on an education. The BAB program and Ministry of Education, Culture, and Higher Education provide accelerated basic education so out-of-school students can catch up and join the formal education system.

Photo by Abdirahman Mohamed.

Healing community trauma 

USAID Littorals Regional Initiative

Fulbe and non-Fulbe participants take part in a trauma healing group activity in northern Ghana. Conflict between Fulbe and non-Fulbe groups poses a threat to social cohesion and community development and enables exploitation by violent extremist organizations. The LRI program worked with local organizations to mend relationships and build peace.

Photo by Center for and Social and Development Reform

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