Strengthening Mechanisms and Channels for Citizen Participation in Democratic Decision-Making Processes

El_Salvador_Mechanisms Creative Associates’ Citizen Participation and Governance project, begun in 2000, opened lines of communication between citizens and government in El Salvador, encouraging the development of an active, influential citizenry skillful in articulating and promoting policy change. Citizen watchdog groups monitoring government spending were created, as well as programs to prevent corruption and an internship program working with the Legislative Assembly to bridge the information divide. Creative provided assistance to an electoral program, which supported the National Registry of Natural Persons and the Supreme Electoral Tribunal. A citizen advocacy guide was published and presented to the National Assembly and made available online. The project assisted civil society organizations in learning how to influence public policy change, and it expanded the legislative process to incoporate greater citizen input and oversight, improving the ability of ordinary citizens and government representatives to collaborate.

Boletin Informativo Marzo 2005

Boletin Informativo January 2005

Boletin Informativo November 2004

Boletin Informativo October 2004

Boletin Informativo September 2004

Boletin Informativo Agosto 2004

Boletin Informativo Julio 2004

Boletin Informativo Junio 2004

Advocacy the Legislative Assembly: A Citizens Guide (English PDF)

Advocacy the Legislative Assembly: A Citizens Guide (Spanish website)

Construyendo la Democracia (website)

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