Chairperson of the Board Message

Welcome to Creative Associates International

Our mission statement has always been about the people we serve: “To support people around the world to realize the positive change they seek.”

All of our projects reflect this mission. Our implementation demonstrates our perseverance in and commitment to providing the best service to the communities where we work, the people and organizations that collaborate with us and the clients that support these endeavors.

Our core values—teamwork, respect and more—are combined with technical expertise. Creative strives for higher levels of excellence and innovation. Our teams provide first-rate development with skill, knowledge, compassion and with love.

Creative has pioneered approaches that support governments and communities in conflict—which is some of the most challenging work in the field of global development. Our work in governance is designed to ensure the peace continues. In the area of education, Creative believes it presents a unique opportunity for positive change and long-term stability. Our economic growth strategies promote inclusiveness and diversity.

Overall, we remain focused on our commitment to humanity.

I invite you to visit Creative’s website on a regular basis as we continue to provide updates, announcements, blogs and success stories. These are the stories of people—including beneficiaries, donors and professional staff—sharing the same values and working together to realize the positive change they seek.



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