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Global development initiatives result in positive, and sometimes dramatic, changes in the lives of people. Through video and other multimedia methods, Creative tell their success stories and how the results were achieved.


Somalia Day

Being a teacher is more than being the person who stands at the front of a classroom. Somali teachers bring learning to life, advocate for education, keep their students safe, and much more. From academics to journalists and activists, these five Somalis discuss how teachers impacted their lives in celebration of Somalia Teachers Day on November 21.... Read More



Working with women in Northern Benin

Political Transitions

In Northern Benin, more than 300 women were trained by USAID/Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) to respond to emerging security threats are leading peacebuilding and social cohesion efforts. Through community outreach and cooking demonstrations, the trainees have engaged more than 500 of their colleagues and counting.... Read More



Growing Strong Readers: Morocco’s Revised Arabic Language Curriculum


Morocco has historically struggled with its literacy education. The country’s Ministry of Education collaborated with USAID’s Reading for Success — National Program for Reading (NPR) to revamp the Arabic language curriculum and foster a love of reading. The project was originally planned for grades 1-4, but it was so well received that the Ministry asked to expand it to grades 5 and 6, covering the entire primary cycle.... Read More



Going the Distance: Remote Teacher Training in Morocco


The Moroccan Ministry of Education partnered with USAID’s National Program for Reading (NPR) to train teachers on their newly revised Arabic language curriculum. The project used Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) to train teachers across the country despite challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic.... Read More



USAID NPR Morocco Reading Enrichment


The USAID Reading for Success — National Program for Reading (NPR) collaborated with Morocco’s Ministry of Education to foster a love of reading. Primary school students in the country now have 30 minutes per week for reading enrichment activities like group reading, literacy computer games, and acting out stories. The project printed 1.1 million storybooks and 22,000 teacher’s guides to ensure students have plenty of reading materials to enjoy.... Read More



Ghana: Building lives, improving relations & stemming violence through Village Savings & Loans Associations

Political Transitions

Longstanding prejudice and land competition between ethnic Fulbe pastoralists and settled farmers in Ghana’s Savannah Region are causing increased conflict and destabilizing communities. The USAID/OTI Littorals Regional Initiative is leveraging mixed village savings and loans associations to promote peaceful co-existence and economic collaboration between the two groups.... Read More