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Global development initiatives result in positive, and sometimes dramatic, changes in the lives of people. Through video and other multimedia methods, Creative tell their success stories and how the results were achieved.


Afghanistan: Dairy success, AWDP’s effort boosts productions & sales in Mazar e-Sharif (English)

Economic Growth

Through USAID's Afghanistan Workforce Development Program, a cooperative-run dairy near Mazar e-Sharif learned essential project management, marketing and production skills that increased output and sales. The Afghanistan Workforce Development Program is increasing job placements and wages by improving access to quality technical and business training, as well as job placement support services.... Read More



Afghanistan: Empowering women to overcome economic barriers

Economic Growth

In Afghanistan, women and girls face significant barriers to education and meaningful participation in political, economic and social development. The U.S. Ambassador’s Small Grants Program helped to raise women’s voices and provided tangible opportunities for growth and empowerment.... Read More



Afghanistan: One woman builds the potential of other women

Economic Growth

Kamila Sidiqi started a small dressmaking enterprise during the time of the oppressive Taliban rule. She grew that into a company that provides workforce skills training to other women so they too can realize their potential and create economic security for themselves and their families. ... Read More