For a unified Libya, start with local governance

By Maggie Proctor

March 13, 2019   |   0 comments

To achieve a unified, effective, and legitimate Libyan government, development implementers should consider a localized governance approach. In this blog, expert Maggie Proctor explains the evidence for it....
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What the 3 most lethal elections of 2018 have in common

By Jeff Fischer

February 26, 2019   |   0 comments

In this blog, Jeff Fischer examines the three most lethal elections of 2018. Why were these elections more violent than others? And why was the intensity of the violence so much greater than in past elections? ...
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Ushahidi enables citizen-led election monitoring in Iraq

By Giselle Lopez, Tihana Bartulac Blanc and Emad Youssef

January 29, 2019   |   0 comments

In 2018, observers of Iraqi elections had at their fingertips the power to instantly report threats or incidents of electoral violence or insecurity using the crowdsourcing tool Ushahidi....
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Advancing a new approach to DDR and stabilization

By Dean Piedmont

November 8, 2018   |   0 comments

Disarming, demobilizing and reintegrating former fighters is as old as war itself. But the approach and science of DDR has changed dramatically. Creative’s Dean Piedmont introduces a new framework to inform a DDR paradigm. ...
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