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Creative has developed, tested and refined innovative tools and approaches that contribute to the success of its programs that support individuals, families and communities to achieve positive change. Now in use around the world, Creative applies and adapts these tools to address development challenges, from meeting labor market needs to stemming school dropout. With 40-plus years of experience, these and other tools are among the assets Creative employs to deliver sustainable results for the communities and clients it serves.


Improving children’s access to quality basic education is a top priority of the international development community. While increasing numbers youth across the globe are enrolling in school, far too many are failing to complete it. Creative’s Attend provides a framework and process for identifying and tracking students who are at risk of dropping out, offering school-based responses to various warning signs. Attend works with schools, families and community members to ensure that children stay in school and gain the critical skills and knowledge for their future well-being.

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Youth are disproportionately at risk for being affected by violence, especially in communities threatened by gangs, drugs and a lack of opportunities. Creative’s Challenge of Dreaming My Life (DREAM) is a mentor-led approach that encourages youth to put their dreams in writing and make plans to achieve them, despite the difficulties they face. At its core, the DREAM workbook allows youth to reflect on their dreams for a brighter future, enabling them to develop life plans and achieve goals that lead to productive, non-violent lives.

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Electoral violence and malpractice can harm the integrity of democratic elections. Creative’s Electoral Integrity Analytics Toolkit bundles four cutting-edge tools to assist users with forecasting potential malpractice, monitoring elections in real time, and diagnose conflict and malpractice and ultimately prevent electoral conflict. The toolkit provides a comprehensive set of resources to help, ensure the safety, fairness and integrity of elections worldwide.

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Resilient communities are created when a virtuous cycle of shared responsibility and success links local governments and the communities they represent. Creative’s Governance Fragility Resilience Assessment Method (FRAMe) is a diagnostic tool used to identify group grievances that undermine the resiliency of governance systems. FRAMe’s comprehensive analysis enables community leaders and practitioners to develop targeted approaches to reduce fragility, enhance community resilience and promote peaceful transformation.

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Technical vocational education and training (TVET) institutions have tremendous potential to support economic growth by developing the workforce to meet private sector needs. Yet with no way of measuring and understanding their capacity, TVET institutions can’t optimize their operations to meet the demands of the market. OCAT TVET enables these institutions to assess their organizational capacity to deliver demand-driven technical and vocational education and training and then create needs-based capacity building improvement plans. These plans chart a clear roadmap and outline resources needed to better meet the workforce needs of the private sector. OCAT TVET is effective across a broad range of training institutions including both public and private; non-profit and for-profit; and those serving youth as well as participants of all ages.

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In many developing and post-conflict economies, there is a stark misalignment between the demands of the job market and the skills of the workforce. Whereas traditional vocational training systems are supply-driven, Creative’s Opportunities is a demand-driven, evidence-based approach that builds local capacity to prepare jobseekers with the vocational and soft skills employers need. Opportunities enables practitioners to identify and understand the labor market’s true workforce needs and then build local capacity to train and place individuals in those jobs. By meeting demand, Opportunities prepares individuals for rewarding work and supports the development of robust, inclusive economies across the globe.

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Damaged roads, extreme weather conditions and security risks can complicate the delivery of materials such as books, medicine and food to schools, hospitals and civil society organizations in already hard-to-access areas. Insufficient storage facilities, poor organization and corrupted supply chains can also prevent materials from reaching their intended destinations. Creative’s Track and Trace identifies and resolves these distribution system gaps. Track and Trace improves the delivery chain and increases the likelihood that recipients receive the correct number and type of product, ensuring that citizens have the necessary materials to improve their lives and livelihoods.

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School dropout, bullying and exclusion pose challenges for education practitioners across the globe. YouthSpeak is an approach that engages young people in an open dialogue about potential solutions to school and community-related issues. YouthSpeak is carried out by youth, with youth and for youth, giving young people the chance to lead, mobilize to change their communities and have their voices heard.

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