While certain established governments continue their role in launching and perpetuating strife, today’s conflicts are dominated by complex challenges which also involve non-state actors––including narco-traffickers in Latin America, youth gangs in Central America and global terrorist networks. These non-state actors thrive in areas of weak governance where they prey on and benefit from the vulnerabilities of disadvantaged groups within local communities.

Creative has a deep understanding of conflict dynamics and the underlying forces that drive them. Creative applies its operational expertise with Theories of Change analytics to identify the root causes specific to a conflict and design customized programming that is regionally and culturally appropriate to address them.

This holistic approach results in an implementation strategy that identifies effective points of entry and leverage to move from fragility toward resilience. Creative is particularly adept at cultivating and strengthening the capacity of marginalized groups, including women, youth and minorities.

Creative’s skills in facilitating stability in strife ridden conflict countries are reflected in its abilities to engage and connect governance entities and citizens of diverse sectors as participants and leaders in the peace-building process. Creative is currently engaged in a number of these BRIDGES™ peace-building projects globally.

Creative supports the missions of the State Department, Defense Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development to mitigate causes of conflict, terrorism and unstable environments within developing nations. It has brought its skills and development expertise to U.S. government initiatives in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia.



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