Today, for the first time in human history, young people under age 25 comprise nearly half of the world’s population. In the developing world, 1.3 billion youth live on the margins of society and make up almost half of the world’s unemployed.

Young people are, or need to be, at the heart of every community and development initiative. Since Creative Associates International’s founding, we have made youth a focal point of development assistance efforts – in education, civil society, citizen security and community development. Creative views youth as equal partners in all aspects of development, active advocates for their communities and positive change makers in their countries.

Our holistic, Positive Youth Development approach integrates lifelong learning through school-based and out-of school programs that build demand-driven capabilities and afford youth meaningful opportunities for quality learning, employment, healthy lives and civic participation and leadership.

Creative’s programs provide viable life alternatives and youth voice for at-risk youth in crisis and conflict-affected environments, in areas impacted by violent crime and in communities with high levels of out-of-school, out-of-work youth. Through asset-based youth initiatives, Creative provides second chances that have enabled thousands of young people around the world to change their life’s trajectory and become responsible contributors to their communities.

With expertise in reintegration, education and political transitions, we provide the most marginalized and disadvantaged youth with essential support to realize their potential, regain hope and build prosperous futures for themselves their families, their communities and their nations.

Creative’s Youth programming tools include CreativeU, Creative Pathways, Hero’s Horizon, iMap, YouthSpeak and Youth Worker Certification.



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HONDURAS: Evidence, family and an innovative approach to reducing youth risk

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