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Creative Associates International is a social-impact company that works collaboratively to deliver locally led, sustainable solutions to take advantage of development opportunities and to address today’s most pressing challenges.  

Drawing on nearly five decades of experience in more than 90 countries, Creative has developed a reputation for technical excellence, innovation and flexibility. Creative has worked extensively in non-permissive environments, giving it the tools and expertise to keep our partners and beneficiaries safe while achieving maximum impact for our clients. 


President and CEO Leland Kruvant discusses Creative’s approach to development

As a proud implementing partner of the U.S. Agency for International Development, the State Department and other multilateral funders, Creative focuses on forming local partnerships, building networks and advancing community-led solutions. It works within and across systems to ensure people achieve the positive changes they desire. 

Creative is divided into three program divisions—Education for Development, Communities in Transition and Economic Growth—supported by highly skilled professionals in operations, security, communications, finance and more. 

Locally led, globally resourced 

Since its founding, Creative’s model has emphasized solutions that engage communities in making decisions, crafting solutions and driving positive change. We are experts in remote management and flexible response, allowing us to continue programming in even the most complex situations. Every individual—especially those in underrepresented and marginalized groups—is instrumental in the positive transformation of their communities. Our techniques ensure that diverse communities are active participants and partners throughout the entire development process.  

Our team 

Dedicated, diverse, experienced and talented are four words used to describe Creative’s global team. In the field, our programs are led by local staff and experts, complemented by our experts from headquarters, ensuring a rich combination of global expertise and on-the-ground awareness. Our longstanding presence in many countries allows us to retain and grow the most talented local staff. Creative attracts and retains gifted experts—in education, fragility, peacebuilding, economic growth, partnerships, MEL and more—who form the backbone of our technical and support areas. 

Focus on solutions 

We support communities as they co-create plans to advance development opportunities and address a myriad of sometimes seemingly irretractable challenges.  

In Ethiopia, using education as a life-sustaining activity during the conflict, the USAID READ II Education Recovery reached nearly 700,000 students in 1,381 schools and temporary learning centers with support ranging from scholastic and recreational materials to psychological first aid and social-emotional learning. 

In 16 West African countries, $375 million in private sector investment across 26 value chains has been mobilized by the USAID West Africa Trade & Investment Hub. The program is on track to achieve its target of creating 73,000 new, well-paying private-sector jobs, with half dedicated to women and youth. Its two-pronged integration strategy—equal access to productive resources and the empowerment of women and youth—prioritizes co-investments that demonstrate sustainable outcomes for these two under-served groups. 

Hondurans aged 12 to 29 make up one of the largest groups of irregular migrants. But why are so many Honduran youths leaving their communities? To determine some of the factors behind many young people’s intent to migrate, USAID’s Sembrando Esperanza in Honduras spearheaded a survey program that brings young people together. The data these volunteers are collecting is crucial. It allows local governments and community stakeholders to start solving problems at their source. 


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