When societies transition to more open and democratic regimes, they also often are threatened with the stresses of conflict, poverty, corruption and other sources of instability. Creative’s Political Transitions Practice Area specializes in implementing program initiatives that use community-based methods to support stabilization, foster trust in government legitimacy and credibility, and establish the platforms for long-term development in areas of weak governance.

Creative’s transition programs in conflict and post-conflict areas emphasize rapid start-up and flexibility, and use small grants, local staff and smart branding to engage communities and build support for host governments. Its capacity building tools address community needs holistically and establish the necessary links to sustainable development.

Examples of transition programming include activities that strengthen community and local government relationships, improve electoral security and integrity, boost the capacity of civil society organizations, and bolster livelihoods through a bottom-up approach to promote local and national-level state support.

As an implementing partner for USAID’s Office of Transition Initiatives and the Department of Defense, Creative successfully implements flexible transition and counterinsurgency programming and effective risk management in multiple countries with complex environments —including Angola, Serbia, Colombia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Liberia and Honduras.

Watch the video below to see how Creative has worked to strengthen messaging for peace in Nigeria.

Nigeria: Dandal Kura Radio for peace and inclusiveness from Creative Associates Int’l on Vimeo.


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