Capacity Development

Creative believes that building local capacity wherever it works is the keystone of effective and sustainable development. It uses a performance-oriented human and institutional capacity building process that is tailored to each group of participants, and responds to the needs and assets identified by them.

After careful analysis and examination of these needs and assets, Creative focuses on a systems approach that makes use of local technology and solutions to build capacity at the individual, program and institutional level.

Creative promotes Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD), technological integration and ‘2.0’ pedagogy for capacity building into its strategic plans, project designs, and partnerships. It backs these up with methodologies for effective, modern learning and skills development such as CreativeU—an innovative e-learning platform.

It develops peer to peer learning networks and leverages technology such as social networking tools and knowledge management systems.

Above all, this approach is demand-driven, offering organizational assessment tools tailored by sector and partnering with private sector industry leaders. It is also competency-based and results-oriented, promoting training that helps build real skills instead of just measuring completion rates.

Creative has applied these tools and this approach even in challenging post-conflict environments.

Building capacity around the world

In Afghanistan, for example, the Afghan Workforce Development Program (AWDP) supports the expansion and improved quality of market-driven, technical and vocational education training and business education. Using private sector demand assessments, curriculum development and adaptation, competency-based training and job placement commitments from the private sector, AWDP has trained 9,400 workers since 2012—4,887 of whom received subsequent salary increases.

In Jordan, nearly 12,000 new and in-service teachers, principal and supervisors received training to improve teacher and learning practices along with 475 Ministry of Education trainers, who completed a two-year long capacity development process. More than 10,000 staff members across 3,566 schools were trained in and given access to a nationwide Education Information Management System for tracking student performance and using data to inform key education policy decisions.

Creative’s local capacity building initiatives are customized to scale, working with groups from several consultants in Jordan to thousands of teachers in Tanzania.

With certified capacity building leaders serving in each of Creative’s program divisions, these partners emerge stronger as well. Creative staff help build partners’ capacity to use HICD methodologies such as blended and e-learning, maximize long-term local performance solutions, and adapt solutions to the environments where they work.



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