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Access to information and communication technology is growingly rapidly and is changing the lives of people in developing countries. In 2014, the number of mobile subscriptions overtook the number of human inhabitants of the planet – presenting a world of opportunity for development.

Creative promotes the use of innovative applications of technology in education, elections, violence reduction, civil society strengthening and other areas.

Creative’s approach builds the capacity of local organizations, empowering them with the skills to create and sustain appropriate technology solutions. For example, Creative works with private sector companies to develop local educational content and software and trains teachers on how to effectively and pedagogically incorporate technology tools. Creative, embodies the Principles for Digital Development.

Creative is accelerating the availability of consumer technology to local institutions, such as equipping thousands of classrooms in Egypt, Tanzania and Cambodia with appropriate hardware and software, as well as equipping community centers in Honduras and El Salvador with the tools to teach youth the skills they need to succeed in school and the workplace. In Zambia, Creative is using SMS to bring local language stories to children who lack access to books.

Information and communication technology provides a mechanism to amplify efforts to reach more people and engage them in ways not possible before. In emerging democracies, Creative is using digital media and mobile technology to widely disseminate information on participating in elections and political processes and to allow citizens to voice their opinions on critical transition issues.

Creative will continue to incubate the latest research in areas such as big data, geospatial science, development operations, education and civic technology through its programs. This includes home growing technologies such as CreativeMapperTM and CreativeUTM — a web and mobile platform for capacity building and training — that will reach more people directly and in places where in-person training is not an option.


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