Around the world, an estimated 272 million migrants are residing outside of their home countries, two-thirds of them migrant workers. Since the 2009 global recession, international migration has become more complex, its push and pull factors intersecting with other issues including external economic dependence, large informal economies, crime and violence, poor rule of law, and natural disasters and climate change.

In turn, migration has increased, become more geographically dispersed and driven primarily by youth. Many countries, including those in Latin America and Caribbean, both send and host migrants, adding another layer to migration flows.

Migration is intertwined with these and other development challenges and cannot be viewed as a standalone issue. Through its programs and thought leadership, Creative takes a systemic and contextualized approach to migration, promoting development solutions that are sensitive and responsive to the needs of migrants, communities and governments.

In 2019, Creative commissioned an expansive research study into the factors that contribute to migration from Central America’s Northern Triangle. The study, titled “Saliendo Adelante: Why migrants risk it all,” provided a geographically nuanced and in-depth look at what motivates migrants from high-migration areas of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Serving as a hub of Creative’s leadership in migration and development is the Center for Migration and Economic Stabilization.

The Center focuses on driving expertise and programming that connect migration with economic growth, asset building and social inclusion. With support from the Center, Creative seeks to address the factors that drive migration while also leveraging the potential of migrants, returnees and their families to contribute to positive change.

The Center collaborates across the company with experts in economic growth, crime and violence prevention, stabilization, governance, education and more.

Key areas of focus for the Center also include:

  • Remittances and savings
  • Financial inclusion and access to credit
  • Fintech
  • Informal economies
  • Enabling business environments
  • Trade and investment

In addition, the consequences of COVID-19 around the world threaten to cause drastic economic deterioration in many countries and may increase outward migration. Creative and the Center are committed to supporting long-term economic recovery that can provide prosperity and opportunity to mitigate migration.


Saliendo Adelante: Why Migrants Risk It All

Creative's comprehensive study provides a geographically nuanced and in-depth look at what motivates migrants from the Northern Triangle. Learn More...


Economic Insecurity & Irregular Migration from El Salvador

This report presents the results from our 2021 follow-up survey of Salvadoran's migration intentions, with broader trends and analysis. Click to view report.

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In this Jan. 22, 2021 panel, experts shared insights on Venezuelan migrant communities in Colombia and the challenges to their regularization. This panel was conducted in English and Spanish.

Moderator: Manuel Orozco, Director, Center for Migration and Economic Stabilization, Creative Associates International


Ronal Rodriguez, Researcher, Venezuela Observatory, University of Rosario

Eduardo Stein, Joint Special Representative, UN Refugee Agency and International Organization for Migration

Dafne Gil, Member, Ávila Monserrate Association

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