Four lessons from 20 years of literacy work

By Rebecca Stone

September 5, 2023   |   0 comments

My literacy journey began 20 years ago as a Peace Corps volunteer in rural Niger. It was there that I saw the dynamics of literacy up close and how a few key elements can make all the difference for young learners. ...
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Bridging the gap from direct implementation to technical assistance 

By Cory Heyman, Vice President & Senior Director, Education for Development Division 

August 30, 2023   |   0 comments

Everyone rose when the Honorable Executive Governor entered the receiving hall. He and an entourage of officials moved swiftly through the room with press cameras trailing behind to welcome our delegation back to Sokoto. ...
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Climate Action NOW! But what about education?

By Claudia Salazar Suarez

April 25, 2023   |   0 comments

Climate change is an existential threat and one of the biggest impediments to development and livelihoods. It disproportionately impacts vulnerable countries and groups, can amplify existing inequalities and is a major driver of migration. All of this is leading to increased tension and conflicts.  ...
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Tapping on culture to promote sustainable development

By Semere Solomon, Senior Director

October 21, 2021   |   0 comments

What does sustainable mean? How do we balance innovation with tradition in development? Our Africa Center Director Semere Solomon breaks down the often vague usage of the term "sustainable programming." ...
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