A Q&A with the Sembrando Esperanza team in Honduras

By Sembrando Esperanza Team

May 2, 2024   |   0 comments

Poverty, crime and violence plague parts of Honduras, driving irregular migration to neighboring countries. The five-year Sembrando Esperanza (“planting hope” in Spanish) Activity focuses on local solutions to crime, violence and migration in Honduras....
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Q&A with Zyck Baggett, Senior Technical Advisor, Governance

By Daniel Bernard

April 11, 2024   |   0 comments

I have spent the past decade of my career supporting governance projects, with a primary focus on improving systems at the central and local levels. I spent most of that time in the field serving as Deputy Chief of Party on projects in Liberia and Mali....
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Community policing for lasting trust: Lessons from northeast Syria

By Magdalena Dutkowska

January 22, 2024   |   0 comments

Building trust, particularly in regions healing from conflict, is a gradual process requiring careful nurturing and constant safeguarding against its erosion. Since the rise and fall of ISIS in northeastern Syria, re-establishing the Self Administration of Northeast Syria (SANES) as the region's de facto government and rebuilding trust in its safety & security providers has proven challenging. ...
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