The pandemic’s double-edged sword

By Tamara Laine and Dean Piedmont

June 18, 2020   |   0 comments

Tamara Laine and Creative's Dean Piedmont write about the importance of youth engagement and strategic communication to prevent violent extremism in the context of COVID-19....
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Sun shines on Proponte Más inauguration

By Robyn Braverman

June 21, 2016   |   0 comments

An afternoon thunderstorm threatened to dampen the inauguration of the new Proponte Más office in Honduras. Fortunately, the rain subsided and the sun shone, providing perfect weather for an open house celebration. Proponte Más’s Robyn Braverman provides her perspective....
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The path to youth engagement & empowerment in Jordan

By Ali Kamel

February 2, 2016   |   0 comments

Jordanian youth are starving to participate in decision-making processes. In this blog, Ali Kamel reflects on what these youth say are their biggest challenges, needs and aspirations and how to get there....
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Landing the first job—a critical milestone for at-risk youth

By Katy Vickland

December 1, 2015   |   0 comments

Landing a first, formal job is tremendously powerful for at-risk youth in the transition to successful adulthood. But in many economies, formal jobs and training are scarce. Workforce development expert Katy Vickland discusses innovations to help bridge these gaps....
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