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Global development initiatives result in positive, and sometimes dramatic, changes in the lives of people. Through video and other multimedia methods, Creative tell their success stories and how the results were achieved.


Zambia: Inside an effort to turn phones into books

As part of the Makhalidwe Athu proof of concept project, crowdsourced local language stories were dispatched via SMS in three weekly segments to Zambian families in areas where local language books are hard to come by. See how Zambian families interacted with mobile stories to boost literacy.... Read More



Washington, D.C.: #PeacehackDC – Behind the scenes of a hackathon for peace

For 36 hours, nearly 20 peacebuilding experts and technologists huddled around laptops in a rush to hammer out new games, applications and tools to counter violent extremism. Hosted by Creative Associates International in partnership with International Alert in Sept. 2015, #PeacehackDC joined a global #Peacehack effort to develop tech solutions to promote peace and mitigate violent conflict. Get an inside view of the process behind "hacking" for peace.... Read More



Zambia: Mobile reading project brings local tales home

Makhalidwe Athu is a mobile reading project bringing reading to Zambian children who often have no access to books at home. Through SMS, children will receive more than 50 local tales, crowdsourced from the community. More than 4,000 community members will be involved in the project, which is funded through All Children Reading.... Read More