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Global development initiatives result in positive, and sometimes dramatic, changes in the lives of people. Through video and other multimedia methods, Creative tell their success stories and how the results were achieved.


Education as a life-sustaining activity in Ethiopia

Ethiopia's two-year conflict displaced millions of people, caused deep traumas and upended education. USAID’s READ II Education Recovery Activity pivoted to support students and educators in Northern Ethiopia who were forced out of their homes into displacement camps and host communities.... Read More



Using art to overcome trauma in northern Ethiopia

After two years of conflict concentrated primarily in northern Ethiopia, most students were traumatized and many were reluctant to return to their classrooms. The USAID READ II Education Recovery Activity stepped in with psychological first aid and social-emotional learning interventions.... Read More



Growing Strong Readers: Morocco’s Revised Arabic Language Curriculum

Morocco has historically struggled with its literacy education. The country’s Ministry of Education collaborated with USAID’s Reading for Success — National Program for Reading (NPR) to revamp the Arabic language curriculum and foster a love of reading. The project was originally planned for grades 1-4, but it was so well received that the Ministry asked to expand it to grades 5 and 6, covering the entire primary cycle.... Read More



Going the Distance: Remote Teacher Training in Morocco

The Moroccan Ministry of Education partnered with USAID’s National Program for Reading (NPR) to train teachers on their newly revised Arabic language curriculum. The project used Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) to train teachers across the country despite challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic.... Read More