Telling stories with videos, photos & podcasts

Global development initiatives result in positive, and sometimes dramatic, changes in the lives of people. Through video and other multimedia methods, Creative tell their success stories and how the results were achieved.


Libya: What Delaware taught these MENA students


What can a student from the Middle East and North Africa region learn in Delaware? This group of students gained skills and knowledge on a U.S. trip that will help them to create the positive change they seek in their own countries. ... Read More



Libya: Standing up for positive change


Libya’s Revolution was about more than just ousting a dictator. It was a chance for Libyans to stand up for better their society. The Free Generation Movement empowers and mobilizes volunteers to take an active role in creating that positive change. ... Read More



Libya: Finding missing loved ones & a bit of hope


Nearly 10,000 Libyans are missing—a direct result of the revolution, ongoing conflict and previous decades of authoritarian rule—leaving family members struggling to find answers and cope with loss. The Mafqood Center provides a safe place for family members of missing persons to get support and work together to address shared legal and social challenges.... Read More



Libya: Civil society goes pink for women


Taking a stand for women’s health, the Pink Movement is educating Libyan women about breast cancer prevention and awareness. Whether in mosques and health clubs or walking in pink hijabs and carrying pink banners, the movement fights breast cancer head on. ... Read More



Yemen: Generating economic opportunities for youth

In Yemen, economic and social indicators are among the lowest in the Middle East. Creative’s Community Livelihoods Project expanded opportunities for thousands of youth through initiatives in economic development, agriculture, health, education and governance.... Read More