Supporting distributed leadership in Somalia’s education sector

January 24, 2023

Conflict, environmental disasters and displacement make it difficult to provide quality education to Somalia’s children and youth. Instability derails access to school, training educators and getting materials to students. It also destroys a community’s sense of trust and wellbeing, which are critical to building resilience and learning....
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Sewing a Path to Resilience in Mali

January 23, 2023

Sewing is more than stitching together fabric. A community that is trying to recover from conflict in Mali, sewing is building skills, entrepreneurship and social cohesion. ...
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Creating a path for water and peace

January 6, 2023

Vista Hermosa, Guatemala—Home to 361 people, this community in Comitancillo, San Marcos, Guatemala, is small, but it has grown substantially in recent years, and the more limited infrastructure from two decades ago started to cause tension. ...
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