Celebrating the International Day of the Girl

By Charito Kruvant

October 11, 2012   |   0 comments

M. Charito Kruvant (Washington, DC)


As we celebrate the first annual International Day of the Girl, I am reminded of the many young girls and women I have met during my career, both around the globe as well as here in our area, who are working to make our world a better place.  Earlier this month, I was privileged to spend a week at Camp CEO, sponsored by the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital.  Being with the girl scouts at Camp CEO was exhilarating and reminded me of just how diverse our region is.  At camp, we as CEOs, helped our buddies explore the multiple career paths that are available to them, and we also learned from them.  I met young people from all cultures and backgrounds, and all were committed and dedicated to succeed.  Girls are learning leadership and gaining skills that they will need as educated adult women.

Last week, I experienced again the joy of being young, that youthful energy and laughter.  Seeing each girl’s joy and eagerness, I know our world will be a good world.  I know that these girls, as well as the millions of girls we work with every day throughout the world, want to do more for themselves and for others.  The joy of listening to them laughing and learning is what freedom truly gives us.  I wish for all girls in the world to laugh, to feel safe, and to plan the future.

On the International Day of the Girl, I am invigorated and also reminded of the tremendous responsibility we have to support young girls. In today’s world, where we are so concerned with deficits and with what is not working, it is important remember to focus on what is working, what can work, and what we can do to accelerate positive change.  Creative is proud to support girls around the world to realize their dreams through education, learning and laughter.   To the millions of girls around the world who remind us every day that change is possible, Thank You.