Educate a Girl, Better her Community

By Dongo Yezi

December 1, 2012   |   0 comments

Dongo Yezi (Zambia)

Dongo Yezi, Project Coordinator for Community Mobilization, USAID/Creative RTS Zambia

“For me, I have been working in the remote parts of Zambia so I have seen girl children drop out of school because their parents died of AIDS. I want to contribute the little that I can in order to help the lives of girl children. I have seen young girls married off early so they do not go far with their education.  They say their parents feel it is a waste of money to educate a girl child and if they marry them off early they will get the dowry – and the girl can’t make the decision. Often the husband is older or has many wives or partners, which then puts her at higher risk of HIV.”

– from Dongo Yezi, RTS Zambia Project Coordinator for Community Mobilization, Creative Associates International