It’s World AIDS Day: Educate, Learn, Act.

By Mary Lyn Field-Nguer

December 1, 2012   |   0 comments

Mary Lyn Field-Nguer (Washington, DC)

Children learn about AIDS prevention – Zambia, World AIDS Day

On World Aids Day, Creative is taking a stand with millions around the globe to fight the global AIDS pandemic and help educate communities about healthy habits to prevent the spread of AIDS. HIV makes life tougher for many children and young people in developing countries. More than 15 million children have lost a parent to AIDS, as well as siblings, friends, and teachers. Over 5 million adolescents are living with HIV; 2,500 are newly infected every day. They face stigma in their communities and schools, and many students must leave school to care for sick parents and younger siblings. Since 1999, Creative has managed over 20 projects with HIV and other health components worldwide, primarily using schools as platforms for intervention. Creative’s USAID and PEPFAR-funded, school-based prevention and life skills education projects link children and youth to health services and support productive futures through drop-out prevention, including accelerated learning programs that provide a second chance to over-age students, and students who have not been in school due to conflict, to complete the primary basic education cycle.

Throughout the day, Creative’s staff and health workers will share their thoughts about the importance of working to improve community health and combat HIV/AIDS nationwide. Check back on VOCES regularly today!

Mary Lyn Field-Nguer, Senior Associate for Health, Creative Associates International