Nuvia Francisca Melgar – Volunteer (Honduras)

By Nuvia Francisca Melgar

December 5, 2012   |   0 comments

Dialogue between youth in the “plaza de los mercados.”  Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Why do you volunteer?  I volunteer because I like to serve others. I like to dedicate some of my time to carry out interesting and productive activities. Its good to spend my free time doing things I enjoy, like the work we are conducting through the Youth Movement Against Violence in Honduras.

What have you learned as a volunteer? It does not matter where you come from or the profession you have, you can always be useful as part of an organization or group.  I have learned to work as a team and above all, to develop friendships.  I have developed capabilities and skills that I did not know I had.  There are always new things to learn, at every moment in life.

How do you think your work as a volunteer helps your community? I believe in the importance of teaching and raising awareness for people in our community because it makes them interested.  Also, in order to support the community to be more productive, it is important for our citizens to be interested and involved in community activities. It helps form partnerships and improve situations.

What impact do you think the Youth Movement Against Violence or Outreach Centers have had in your work as a volunteer? I think that in each place we have reached, we have given the community a good message.  Many people have listened to our messages and put them into practice in their homes to improve their family situation.  The issue of violence is very well-known, and many organizations are working to address it.  Other groups are following our lead.  Now that the Youth Movement Against Violence in Honduras has taken a position of prevention, other organizations are also interested in the issue.

Nuvia Francisca Melgar is a volunteer in the Youth Movement Against Violence in Honduras.