By Stephanie Schott

May 4, 2012   |   0 comments

Stephanie Schott (Washington, DC)

San WHO? San WHAT? SAN JUAN! Home to Ricky Martin, Roberto Clemente, AND this year’s 56th Annual Conference of the Comparative and international Education Society (CIES), where over 1500 scholars, students, and practitioners from all over the world come together to give presentations, share intellectual ideas, and of course (my personal favorite) – to NETWORK!

San Juan, Puerto Rico. Home of 2012 CIES Conference.

This year’s theme was “Worldwide Education Revolution.”  Creative’ s brilliant staff gave stimulating and thought provoking  presentations on a variety of different topics such as: “Addressing school dropout in Cambodia, India Tajikistan and  Timor Leste” and “Replacing clunky technology solutions with lean green interactive machines,” to name a few.

Creative also had a table providing company and project information, as well as charming staff to answer questions and network with participants. Select universities and organizations hosted various networking events in the evenings, as well as workshops on topics such as: “Understanding Early Grade Reading and Math Assessments” and “Gender and Education.”

And I must say that having attended 4 previous CIES conferences, the kickoff party Monday evening was spectacular-with a special shout-out to the ceviche – muy delicioso!

Now I don’t want to go so far as to say that “everyone who is anyone in the educational development world was there,” but maybe I’ll say “everyone who is anyone in the educational development world SHOULD be there!”  In any case, hasta el proximo CIES el año que viene. Esta vez sera en Frances porque tendra lugar en NEW ORLEANS!!

Stephanie Schott is a Senior Recruiter at Creative Associates International.

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