Technical Vocational Education and Training Strengthening for At-Risk Youth

Nicaraguan youth complete an average of six years of schooling. Along the Caribbean coast, youth average less than three years of schooling. This not only results in a youth population with low levels of productivity and high unemployment rates, but also constrains economic development.

Vulnerable youth who lack access to opportunities to develop critical skills needed for employment are at risk of engaging in crime, gang activity and drugs. Although some employment and livelihoods opportunities exist, Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions often do not provide vulnerable youth with appropriate technical and soft skills that align with employment opportunities, nor do they offer access to quality training, job placement services and jobs.

To break this negative cycle, Creative is strengthening the private TVET system while enhancing citizen security through the Technical Vocational Education and Training Strengthening for At-Risk Youth (TVET SAY) program, with support from the CARANA Corporation. The program will support a cadre of at-risk youth, both in the Pacific and the Caribbean coasts, with vocational skills, life skills, work readiness skills, and soft skills training that they need to become capable employees and entrepreneurs.

The national program will strengthen eight TVETs and develop and bolster five TVET networks with the capabilities, tools and resources to provide at-risk youth with quality services that empower them with high-quality, demand-driven training so they can get a good job and launch a successful career. It will do so in part by mobilizing Nicaragua’s private sector with win-win opportunities whereby business gain productive employees, and at-risk youth find new opportunities.

By facilitating access to high-quality, relevant technical training including demand-driven curricula, and providing psychosocial and family support for at-risk youth in search of a more promising future, the program will prepare them with the job-focused skills they need to become contributing members of their communities.



Along Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast, jobs are hard to come by. The Aprendo y Emprendo project is empowering young people with economic opportunities in their home country through demand-driven technical education.

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