Founder & Chairperson of the Board



What makes Creative unique?
Creative has 40 years of experience of doing fantastic work, and not always in the safest and most stable places. The company really brings the best staff – ones who are eager and willing to do this work, to do all that it takes to offer an opportunity to support transitions in a way that we have demonstrated is possible. I am very confident in the fact that we know what we’re doing – and we do it well. Creative has developed an expertise in conflict programming, and I think it’s because we know the theory of conflict, and we know the painful aspect of war. So, being in those settings, we’re knowledgeable or understanding or accepting of the politics and economics of war, and we know where we fit. It’s easier to deliver a service to the children and to the communities knowing that we’re part of a larger process instead of pretending that we’re changing the world all by ourselves.

How would you describe the staff that work at Creative?
Staff often self-select at Creative. People who join this organization are already committed to the same set of values, and they are individuals whose personal mission is aligned to the mission of Creative. We are the best of the best – we are kind, caring and competent. We come together to support those most in need, because each of us feels that urge to do more and provide for others.


    Early Childhood Development


    MED in Early Childhood Development, University of Maryland | BA, Colegio Ward, Argentina


    More than 40 years with Creative Associates International; Serves on multiple boards


    English, Spanish

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“I have always wanted to be sure that we – and the company we built – could have a positive effect on society. From the very beginning, I thought big. Creative was going to have a global impact.”

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