Youth Polling Youth: Honduran youth seek answers to violence, marginalization and irregular migration

Hondurans aged 12 to 29 make up one of the largest groups of irregular migrants. But why are so many Honduran youth leaving their communities? To determine some of the factors behind many young people’s intent to migrate, USAID’s Sembrando Esperanza in Honduras spearheaded a survey program that brings young people together. Volunteers like Laury Gabriela Díaz Mendoza are knocking on doors to spark the conversation, asking questions to determine the level of violence and irregular migration risks a youth may face. The data these volunteers are collecting is crucial. It allows local governments and community stakeholders to start solving problems at their source.

Sembrando Esperanza, which means “planting hope,” develops and supports local partnerships and strengthens systems that lead to transformative change in areas where high levels of irregular migration, crime and violence overlap.


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