U.S.-Cuba Relations: President’s Letter

In a Dec. 18 letter explaining the most significant changes in the 5-decade relationship, President Obama said: “We are making them because it will spur change among the people of Cuba, and that is our main objective.”...
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Alycia Ebbinghaus-Owens

Senior Technical Advisor

Alycia Ebbinghaus-Owens is a senior project manager and conflict specialist with more than 15 years of experience managing USAID Office of Transition Initiatives and USAID Rule of Law projects, including four years of field-based experience in fragile, transitioning and politically volatile environments. ...
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Ethiopia – USAID’s Ethiopia Civic Engagement Activity

USAID’s Ethiopia Civic Engagement Activity is designed to strengthen the social fabric in key regions by supporting inclusive dialogue, respect for human rights and advancement of more effective, citizen-responsive and accountable governance through civil society organizations and the private sector. ...
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Mutual gains as Creative and Atlas Corps join forces for global development

Rising leaders in social change from around the world bring their talents, ideas and energy to Creative. As Atlas Corps Fellows, they also gain global development experience and skills in the process....
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Youth in Jordan to influence workforce solutions at Amman event

More than 100 Jordanian and Syrian youth will have a chance to make valuable connections to livelihoods opportunities and generate workforce solutions at an upcoming networking event in Amman....
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As an Atlas Corps fellow at Creative, I have new tools to bring back to Liberia

By Luther Jeke

June 23, 2016   |   3 comments

When this Liberian Atlas Corps fellow arrived to D.C., he wasn’t sure what to expect during his year with Creative’s technology for development team. Now, as Luther Jeke prepares to return, he reflects on the challenges and successes of his stay.​...
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