Creative, Save Ukraine partner to support Ukrainian communities 

By Michael J. Zamba

Save Ukraine and the social-impact company Creative Associates International have signed an agreement to work together to support Ukrainian communities that are charting their way forward during Russia’s aggression into its territory. 

Both organizations will collaborate on a range of development opportunities, with an emphasis on education as a life-sustaining activity, assisting displaced persons, economic recovery, youth and supporting peacebuilding efforts, among other activities. 

Photo by Save Ukraine


Established in 2014, Save Ukraine is the largest family-focused humanitarian aid organization in Ukraine with a primary mission to protect children and families affected by war. Save Ukraine’s activities focus on supporting the most vulnerable populations – orphans, children with disabilities, internally displaced persons (IDPs) and victims of violence – as well as evacuating families from the front lines and territories temporarily occupied by Russia. 

Highlighting Creative’s more than four decades of work in conflict and post-conflict settings, President & CEO Leland Kruvant says Creative offers proven approaches, techniques and best practices that will benefit Save Ukraine and the people it serves.  

“I am impressed with the caliber of professionals working with Save Ukraine and its locally focused, results-driven efforts on behalf of their country,” says Kruvant, who visited the organization’s Kyiv offices during a 2023 trip. “Save Ukraine’s nearly a decade of on-the-ground efforts, combined with our 47 years of experience, are a good match for donors and the residents of Ukraine.” 

Save Ukraine is well known as the only aid organization that regularly organizes daring rescue missions to return forcibly deported children to Ukraine, an area expertise and intervention not included in the agreement with Creative. Its valiant efforts to reunite children who were kidnapped by Russian troops in occupied areas were highlighted in a November episode of 60 Minutes segment called “Disappeared.” Officially, more than 19,000 Ukrainian children have been taken by Russian troops, though 60 Minutes reports that the number could be as high as 300,000. 

Save Ukraine has rescued more than 200 children and reunited them with their families. They document each case and share the information with the International Criminal Court. “Every child is a war crime witness,” said Kuleba during the 60 Minutes segment. 

Returned children have consistently reported of the clear and systematic destruction of Ukrainian identity through indoctrination and forced Russification, Kuleba says. Among the tactics: Children are forced to listen to Russian propaganda and false narratives about Ukraine; children are not allowed to speak the Ukrainian language and compelled to attend Russian language, literature and history classes; and teenagers are recruited into Russian youth military movements, and Save Ukraine has evidence that thousands of these kids are now soldiers fighting against Ukraine. 

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