Creative Senior Adviser Meets with Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan


At the invitation of the CEO of Jordan Education Initiative (JEI) Haif Banayan, Creative Associates Senior Adviser Nuran Kolan attended the JEI Update Meeting held in Amman, Jordan on July 1, 2008.

In a private meeting, Kolan briefed Her Majesty Queen Rania on Creative’s activities and the potential to partner with JEI in Jordan, the region and the world.

Her Majesty is a keen supporter of JEI and its public-private partnership mechanism established in the area of ICTs in Jordanian schools.

Creative has a long record of working with public-private partnerships and is currently implementing the Technology for Improved Learning Outcomes (TILO) project in Egypt, which has at its core, technology in the classroom with a strong connection to public-private partnerships.

The JEI Update Meeting was also attended by the Minister of Education and Minister of Planning, and the former Minister of Education as well as the Deputy Mission Director, USAID.

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