Creative’s Pioneering Youth Strategies Highlighted in Honduras


The Latin American Herald Tribune chronicles much of Creative’s work with USAID and the Central American Regional Security Initiative (CARSI). Alianza Joven Honduras (AJH) was awarded to Creative Associates in December 2011 as a follow on to USAID’s Regional Youth Alliance Program (USAID-SICA). In the past five years, Creative has worked in Honduras to prevent crime and violence through community based interventions. To that end, Creative along with local partners developed 25 youth Outreach Centers (OCs) in high risk and vulnerable communities in Teguciglpa, San Pedro Sula, Choloma and La Ceiba. These centers serve as safe spaces in communities for youth that lack the opportunities to study, work, or participate in healthy recreational activities. In an attempt to reduce the risk factors that lead youth to becoming involved in gangs and criminal activities, the OCs provide educational opportunities, vocational training, sports, and youth clubs. The OCs are anchored around communities and are supported by various local and national partners including local governments through the Municipal Crime Prevention Councils, faith based organizations, chambers of commerce and NGOs.

This year, funded by USAID and the Central American Regional Security Initiative (CARSI), Creative will develop an 15 additional OCs in high risk urban and suburban areas with the goals of decreasing community vulnerability to crime and violence; increase skill building and employment opportunities through multi-sectoral partnerships; increase employment opportunities for at risk youth and former gang members; and advocate and support Juvenile Justice reforms in Honduras.

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