Dear Somali Teachers 

On the special occasion of Somali Teacher’s Day 2023, we extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to you, the true heroes of education in Somalia. Today, as you read these messages, know that we celebrate YOU the dedicated, resilient and impactful teachers who shape the future of Somalia. 

Your tireless efforts are deeply appreciated! You are the catalyst for unlocking the immense potential in Somalia’s youth, and we salute you for being at the forefront of educational reforms and for ensuring that all Somali children have access to quality education. Here’s to a wonderful Somali Teacher’s Day, filled with well-deserved accolades, recognition and the promise of a brighter future for Somalia. 

-Federal Ministry of Education, Culture, and Higher Education (MoECHE) 

-Federal State Ministries of Education and the Banadir Regional Education Directorate 

-USAID-funded Bar ama Baro (BAB) Accelerated Basic Education program 

A teacher in Somalia works with a group of Bar ama Baro accelerated education students. Photo by Ismail Taxta.

Mr. Mohamed Abbi Hassan, the Director General of MoECHE 

“On this remarkable occasion of Somali Teacher’s Day, I express my deepest gratitude and admiration for our teachers. Your unwavering commitment to nurturing the minds of our nation’s future generations is heroic. In the face of adversity, your resilience shines through as you continue to impart knowledge and wisdom in communities and at schools, even in the most challenging circumstances. Your dedication to the betterment of our society is remarkable and serves as a source of inspiration to us all.  

Rest assured that the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Higher Education is fully committed to supporting and elevating education in our country. We are already implementing the necessary reforms that will enhance our educational system and provide the tools and resources you need to excel in your noble profession.” 

Ms. Sheri-Nouane Duncan-Jones, USAID Somalia Mission Director 

“Teachers are the backbone of any society. They are role models to children, offer guidance and dedication and give young people the power of curiosity through education. Because of teachers, countries are able to further develop socially and economically and today we honor Somali teachers for their dedication in shaping the next generation of citizens.   

USAID is committed to supporting teachers and ensuring that more children and youth in Somalia have the opportunity to access a high-quality education and learn in order to prepare to participate in the economy.”  

Ali Yassin Ali, Ph.D., the Deputy Governor of Somalia’s Central Bank of Somalia 

“No nation can make significant progress without its educators, and our survival and future achievements are indebted to these incredible teachers. As a long-serving educator myself, even in the highest echelons of my career, the classroom remains close to my heart. Teaching is more than a profession; it’s a lifelong dedication to nurturing knowledge and empowering the next generation.  

I take great fulfillment in witnessing my students beaming with happiness as they grasp the wisdom we share. I commend the resilience of Somali teachers who’ve persevered in challenging and uncertain environments. Congratulations to all teachers on this special day!” 

Badra Yusuf, Managing Director of Raagsan, Social Research Enterprise in Somalia 

“To my remarkable teachers, I want to thank them not only for imparting knowledge but also for nurturing in me a profound sense of responsibility and values. From an early age, they really sparked a strong sense of creativity and critical thinking that have empowered me to innovate and craft meaningful social research ideas. Today, as I work to serve and uplift our communities through Raagsan, it’s their enduring influence that guides me to make a real difference in the lives of our communities.” 

Mohamed Osman, Ph.D., Member of Somalia’s National Economic Council and National Economic Advisor to the President of Somalia 

“From my time in elementary school all the way through earning my PhD, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my incredible teachers. These educators guided, nurtured, and enriched me with knowledge every step of the way. In Somali culture, teachers aren’t just instructors; they are our guiding lights, leading us toward a brighter future. They plant the seeds of wisdom, shape tomorrow’s leaders, and help build the world we all share. Today, and every day, we celebrate and thank our teachers.” 

Sana Ashraf, a young artist in Mogadishu 

“My life and personal growth have been profoundly influenced by my teachers. They have nurtured my creativity, shaping me into the artist I am today. With deep respect and gratitude, I honor the teachers who have illuminated the canvas of my life with knowledge, inspiration, and an imagination filled with endless possibilities. Thank you, teachers!” 

Ali Ahmed Mohamed, President of Somalia’s Paralympic Committee, and the former goalkeeper of the National Football Team of Somalia 

“My teachers were my first coaches, igniting the passion for learning and sports within me from a young age. They instilled in me a love for sports and a hunger for knowledge that transcended the boundaries of the classroom and the field. I am forever grateful for their invaluable influence.” 

Dr. Amina Omar, Pediatrician at Banadir Hospital 

“As a pediatrician at Banadir Hospital, the values instilled by my teachers guide my every step, ensuring that compassion, dedication, and responsibility are at the core of my practice when it comes to providing quality care to our patients. My heartfelt appreciation to my teachers for shaping my journey.” 

 Zahra Qorane, Freelance photographer and women empowerment activist 

“I extend my deepest gratitude to my teachers who have shaped my path. Their teachings and mentorship shaped my activism and the desire to empower women and girls from a young age. The enduring impact of their guidance continues to influence my advocacy for a just society. Thank you for your dedication and wisdom”. 

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