Tracking, texting and teaching to boost reading around the globe

September 6, 2017

Around the globe, students are enthusiastically powering on mobile phones to read words on the screen and turning the paper pages of colorful storybooks. From Afghanistan to Zambia, Creative Associates International’s education programs foster a love of reading by creating digital and print stories for young learners to sharpen their literacy skills. When children have access to reading materials–whether digital or traditional books– their understanding of the world around them broadens and possibilities are limitless.

Creative is celebrating International Literacy Day’s theme of “Literacy in a Digital World” with four stories and two interviews from experts on how reading plays a vital role in equipping students for a successful future. Join the conversation on social media using #LiteracyDay.

Ayan Kishore of Creative’s Development Lab reflects on an innovative project to bring crowdsourced local stories to rural families through phones, and what it might mean for literacy and tech.

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A new innovative book tracking technology system is minimizing the interference in deliveries and ensuring that textbooks find their way to students and teachers who need them the most.

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Creative Associates International’s Senior Reading Specialist, Joy du Plessis, discusses the important role story illustrations in learning and teaching materials play to improve reading education.

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A new early grade reading and writing program will support the Government of Morocco to develop a national literacy program to improve literacy skills in grades 1 through 4.

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A year into the Let’s Read! program, Creative is witnessing active participation and ownership by the Mozambique government, says Pieter Potter, Chief of Party.

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New non-formal learning centers in northern Nigeria are galvanizing communities to further invest in education.

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