Rebuilding Nepal Starts Today


May 15, 2015

As rescue efforts continue in earthquake ravaged Nepal, the nonprofits Creative Learning and Aid to Artisans, along with fair trade company dZi Inc., are seeking contributions to support Nepali craftsmen in the critical recovery phase.

Contributions are made online via Creative Learning ( with 94 cents out of every dollar going directly to Nepali artisans who work with dZi Inc. Deductions are tax deductible based on the U.S. tax code.

“Your cash contributions will assist in relief. Just as important, it will provide urgent support so artisans can restart their small enterprises,” says Creative Learning President Bill Kruvant. “These artisans definitely need our help for long term recovery.”

More than 8,000 people died from the 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 25 that and left villages flattened and millions homeless.

Hundreds of aftershocks were surpassed by a second giant quake of 7.3 on May 12, which caused additional deaths, injuries and panic as it affected 31 of the Nepal’s 75 districts and areas of Tibet, India and China.

Water and affordable food remain an urgent humanitarian need throughout the affected areas, and shelter will be a primary concern very soon: Many homes have been completely destroyed, while others are too damaged to enter and assess.

To correctly identify the needs on the ground, dZi Inc. sent assessment forms directly to its producer partners—reports that are now being returned and “clearly show the absolute need for support to prepare temporary shelter for monsoon season which usually starts in mid-June,” according to the website.

The importer and wholesale company will continue to update its site to provide information for those who have stepped up to support its artisan network and larger community in Nepal. The retailer is also setting up additional promotions—like donating 5 percent of all sales during May—to benefit affected craftspeople and communities in Nepal.

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