Creative’s  Graphics & Web Team Revamps the Basic Education Coalition Website

November 29, 2010


Nov. 29, 2010 – The Basic Education Coalition is a leading voice in supporting robust U.S. global engagement for the education of children across the globe. The Coalition recently launched a new, fresh website to advance its work. The Washington-based Basic Education Coalition works with policymakers and the public to increase funding support for quality basic education delivery worldwide.

In today’s networked culture, having a first class website as your organization’s public persona is imperative. April Swain, an Outreach Specialist with the Basic Education Coalition, had a vision of what that new web presence should be, but needed an implementing partner. The Coalition turned to Creative Associates International’s in-house communications’ graphics & web team to realize this vision. The new Coalition website launched in early October is graphically powerful and user friendly.

“The Basic Education Coalition would like to express its deepest appreciation to Creative for designing the Coalition’s beautiful new website, particularly Marta and Luis who worked tirelessly in its redesign,” said Swain, who coordinated the development of the new website with Creative.

The site design led by Creative’s Marta Maldonado and Luis Aguilar allows broader access to a range of fresh information and current evidence that demonstrates how quality basic education is essential to sustainable development.

The new site uses multimedia features, including a new resource library, where visitors can access articles, success stories, publications, newsletters, and videos that show how basic education is lifting people out of poverty, improving their lives, and offering hope for a better future. Creative invites you to visit the site and share with the Coalition your input and feedback.

“We have a special partnership with the Coalition and this project was a challenge but worth the effort,” said Maldonado. “No legitimate organization in the internet age can achieve their aims without having the kind of presence and visibility provided by a website that is user friendly, informative and visually appealing.”

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