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Reducing Conflict By Identifying Causes, Building Bridges

September 29, 2014

Conflict is one of the primary obstacles to successful development work. The most well-meaning, best-designed development activity may inadvertently exacerbate conflict. Creative has a deep understanding of conflict dynamics and the underlying forces that drive them. The organization applies its operational expertise with theories of change analytics to identify the root causes specific to a conflict and design customized programming that is regionally and culturally appropriate to address them.



In areas plagued by conflict and crisis, Creative brings a holistic, conflict-sensitive approach and more than three decades of expertise. Creative works at the community level to foster the stability needed to rebuild after conflict and move towards a prosperous, peaceful and stable future.

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Creative supports the private sector in designing within their core practices ways to conduct business that promote stability and growth, feeding their bottom line, economic revenues, social impacts and ecological sustainability.

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This year, the United Nations declared “inspiring change” as the theme of its activities for International Women’s Day (March 8) in order to commemorate the evolving role of women globally. It is especially appropriate since it is time to change the narrative that emphasizes women as victims and passive actors in their communities.

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Creative Associates International is one of six global development organizations selected to support the U.S. government’s efforts to provide equitable access to education for 15 million children in conflict and crisis affected countries by 2015, it was announced.

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Creative Associates International applauds the renewal of an effective U.S. initiative that supports countries as they transition out of conflict, political crises, or natural disasters by providing focused, short-term assistance that contributes to long term stability.

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Education plays a vital role in rebuilding conflict affected communities that assist residents as they transition to a peaceful future. Creative identifies the unique needs of educational systems and then engages communities to establish safe environments for learning and healing. It brings healing through psycho-social support, promotes stability through reconciliation and launches opportunities through training in marketable vocational skills.

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While traditional nation-states continue their role in launching and perpetuating strife, today’s situations are dominated by complex challenges involving multiple non-state actors. These non-state actors––including narco-traffickers in Latin America, youth gangs in Central America and terrorist networks in the Middle East––thrive in ungoverned spaces where they prey on and benefit from the vulnerabilities of disadvantaged groups within local communities. Creative’s cadre of experts use analytical skills and implementation experience to achieve effective and sustainable change in conflict and post-conflict communities.

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Creative leads a consortium of not-for-profit organizations, companies and universities that are leaders in researching, analyzing, sharing knowledge and programming in conflict management and mitigation. Through the Programming Effectively Against Conflict and Extremism Indefinite Quantity Contract, the consortium is able to provide specialized services to USAID Missions.

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