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AFGHANISTAN: Empowering people, communities for positive change

Economic Growth

Decades of war have created unique challenges for Afghanistan, which means innovative solutions are required in order for stability to take hold. Creative is successfully running initiatives that are building the capacity of Afghans to manage small and large organizations, as well as bringing their skills up to international standards. A change is happening.... Read More



CAMBODIA: Reaching Students on the Edge through School Support & Computer Labs

Instructional Systems

In rural Cambodia, students are frequently torn between attending school and staying at home to help work their parents’ farms. The resulting absenteeism, when chronic, can lead to school dropout, which is especially acute in Grades 7-9. The School Dropout Prevention Pilot, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, seeks to reach those at-risk youth by identifying them through an Early Warning System. Some schools in the pilot also received computer labs to entice student attendance. ... Read More