Data in Action: Ukrainian Refugees in Poland

By Mariellen Jewers, Ph.D.

July 13, 2022   |   0 comments

Warsaw, Poland – On day four of our week-long trip to Poland, my colleague and I boarded a crowded city bus. Looking around at the other passengers, we wondered how many might be recent arrivals from Ukraine....
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On Democracy

By Debby Kimble

December 9, 2021   |   0 comments

The complexity of democracy, in its purist form, is a tension between individual rights and collective good. Today, we see this tension playing out in nearly every democratic country, including the United States.  ...
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The Great Digitization of Learning

By Ayan Kishore, Director, Digital Development

October 26, 2021   |   0 comments

A growing community of education technologists have tried to bring the promise of technology for teachers, students, and caregivers to fruition for decades....
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