Dictators going viral: Authoritarianism and COVID-19

By Jeff Fischer and Jeffrey Carlson

August 24, 2020   |   0 comments

Elections experts Jeff Fischer and Jeffrey Carlson assess how COVID-19 has opened a window for authoritarian regimes to justify new restrictions, stall democratic reforms and further cement control. ...
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Social media and elections: Helpful or hurtful to women?

By Alexis Weaver

September 13, 2019   |   0 comments

As public debate and politics has moved online with the growth of social media, so too has election-related violence against women Alexis Weaver explains how this violence damages democracy and what can be done to mitigate it....
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An electoral solution for the Venezuela Crises?

By Jeff Fischer

March 20, 2019   |   0 comments

As the humanitarian, security, and political crises continue to intensify in Venezuela, Jeff Fischer explains what an electoral solution would look like and what it could mean....
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