Explaining and Mitigating Electoral Violence

Around the globe, democratic elections have been marred by election-related violence from voter intimidation to assaults at the polls and violent protests in the post-election phase.

The Explaining and Mitigating Electoral Violence project delivered innovative tools and research to support electoral management bodies, international organizations and development practitioners in keeping elections secure.

Delving deep into the factors that contribute to electoral violence, the comprehensive research project analyzed data from elections globally in which violence occurred and developed best practices for preventing, managing and mediating it. The project produced the world’s largest electoral violence database to date.

In partnership with King’s College London, the project leader, Creative’s Electoral Education and Integrity team developed an interactive web-based early warning tool that allows practitioners to identify the warning signs of electoral violence.

The project was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.


Interactive electoral violence database goes live

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Creative to coordinate network of electoral violence forecasters

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