Assessments for the Community-based Health and Nutrition to Reduce Stunting Project

While Indonesia is approaching middle-income, and poverty rates have declined in recent years, the country faces a major health and nutrition challenge that is hindering health, education and development outcomes nationwide.

Nearly 36 percent of children age 5 and younger are stunted in their growth, according to the 2014 Global Nutrition Report, which can inhibit cognitive development and have long-lasting consequences for health, employment and wellbeing in adulthood.

This three-and-a-half year project will carry out independent technical assessments as part of the Indonesia Millennium Challenge Account Indonesia Nutrition Project.

The assessments will examine health delivery structures at the sub-district level, the provision of micronutrients, whether micronutrients and supplements used in Indonesia are chemically the most appropriate, and if current production and distribution channels are the most efficient given the challenging geography.

The recommendations made through these evaluations have the potential to reach clinics in 4,600 villages in 11 provinces, as well as Jakarta.

Abt Associates will lead the implementation of this project in partnership with Creative. The project is a Task Order under the Millennium Challenge Education, Community and Health Development Blanket Purchase Agreement.


New research to tackle stunting of Indonesia’s children

New research will explore whether micronutrients and better local health systems can help to eradicate Indonesia’s perplexing challenges with stunted growth of children, which can have long-lasting consequences for health, employment and wellbeing in adulthood. Learn More...

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