Engagement and Governance Through Applied Learning –
Legislative Enhancement for Governance Support

Ongoing unrest since the 2011 Arab Spring and a lack of legislative capacity in Libya have paralyzed governance and created legislative institutions that struggle to pass laws and establish legal frameworks necessary to move the country forward.

The Libyan Engagement and Governance Through Applied Learning – Legislative Enhancement for Governance Support (LEGAL-LEGS) is the most recent project in the LEGAL series implemented by Creative Associates International. It aims to assist Libyan legislators and civil servants to further strengthen the country’s legal framework as Libya moves toward a constitutional referendum.

LEGAL-LEGS is funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Assistance Coordination in the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs and implemented by Creative’s Electoral Education and Integrity Practice Area.

Over the course of nearly a year, the LEGAL-LEGS program will provide skills building to Libyan legislators and staff with the goal of strengthening their professional and technical capacity to carry out their legislative functions.

The program will establish Executive Legal Academies to provide trainings on professional and legislative issues, offer mentorship and support collaboration between different institutions, allowing participants to build more effective legislative bodies.

At the same time, LEGAL-LEGS will work to improve the credibility of legislative bodies and repair Libyans’ confidence in their lawmakers.

This effort will evaluate public opinion on legislative processes in the country and use the findings to shape public meetings between legislative institutions and citizens. These outreach initiatives will encourage legislators to be more engaged with their constituents and improve public input in government decision-making.

Previous LEGAL programs implemented by Creative supported Libya’s Constitution Drafting Assembly in the constitution drafting process and raised public awareness of and engagement in the process.

Creative has been continuously supporting Libya’s transition since 2011.

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