Peacebuilding in 4 Ugandan communities find common ground & myths

By Dean Piedmont

October 20, 2022   |   0 comments

Kampala, Uganda – After a four-hour drive from the Ugandan capital, we arrived at the Greater Masaka Region along beautiful Lake Victoria. Though picturesque, our purpose was far from tourism. ...
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Female Educators in Uganda

This report uses a vertical case study of teachers, NGOs, and Ugandan government officials in Kampala and Arua to identify key factors that affect female teacher welfare in government schools with significant refugee student populations. ...
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Female teachers in Uganda overcome personal challenges to serve growing refugee population

By Hayley Samu

June 5, 2019   |   0 comments

Hayley Samu, a Johns Hopkins student, reflects on research she did in Uganda for a fellowship in partnership with Creative Associates International....
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Uganda – Strengthening Education Systems for Improved Learning

The Strengthening Education Systems for Improved Learning program is a four and a half year program aimed at improving the equity and quality of measurable learning outcomes for girls and boys in Uganda at the lower primary school level. ...
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Uganda/Support for Uganda Primary Education Reform (SUPER)

Under the USAID-funded Support for Uganda Primary Education Reform project, Creative worked with the Ugandan Ministry of Education and Sports and district officials to develop strategies that lead to more valuable community involvement in boosting school access and quality for disadvantaged groups of children, particularly girls. Creative procured and distributed the equipment, material and supplies necessary to carry out the project effectively....

Uganda – Initiative for TDMS and PIASCY (UNITY)

The USAID-funded Ugandan Initiative for Teacher Development and Management System and the Presidential Initiative on AIDS Strategy for Communication to Youth, or UNITY, support efforts to improve education and expand implementation of the Presidential Initiative on AIDS Strategy for Communication to Youth. UNITY expanded the Revitalization of Education Participation and Learning in Conflict Areas program which helps meet educational needs of children affected by the conflict as well as parents, teachers and school administrators. ...
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