Creative announces scholarship for women in electoral administration

By Evelyn Rupert

December 10, 2018

A new scholarship for women who are dedicated to strengthening electoral processes and promoting female inclusion in electoral administration has been established by Creative Associates International.

The Charito Kruvant Scholarship for Electoral Excellence will be awarded to female students from low-income countries with challenges to development who have been accepted into the Master’s of Electoral Policy and Administration online program through the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (School of Advanced Studies) in Pisa, Italy.

Creative Co-Founder and Chairperson of the Board Charito Kruvant.

Named for Creative’s Co-Founder and Board Chairperson, Charito Kruvant, the scholarship is aimed at applicants who are dedicated to improving women’s representation in electoral processes and those who are already working in electoral management or engaged with civil society. Kruvant, who developed the Creative Women’s Leadership Program for staff in Washington, said the scholarship continues the organization’s legacy of supporting women to be leaders in their fields.

“Women have largely been excluded from the field of electoral administration – work that is vital to promoting transparent, fair, inclusive and safe elections,” Kruvant said. “We hope this scholarship will help its recipients gain the education they need to make a difference and elevate other women in their field.”

Kruvant said that with support for their continued education, these women can change the landscape of electoral management.

Each scholarship of 5,000 Euros will cover one-half of the program’s full tuition. A total of six scholarships will be awarded during the next three years.

Creative Senior Electoral Advisor Jeff Fischer helped establish the one-year master’s program at Sant’Anna in 2015 and continues to serve as a professor and adviser. The program, taught in English, targets mid- to upper-level professionals worldwide with blended learning on electoral processes.

The program is unique in its dedication to training future electoral managers globally and was an ideal partner for the international development organization, Fischer said.

“Creative is committed to supporting electoral education and democracy, and our programs rely on the hard work and expertise of local electoral administrators and managers,” he said. “Through their education at Sant’Anna, our scholarship recipients will be well-equipped to tackle the most pressing electoral challenges.”

For more information about the scholarship, please contact Veronica Garza at

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